The module of Box - Profit+ is ideal for a registry and control of the box movements (small). Easy very useful report and data entry of liquidation for the surrender of box movements.


  • It is a system multicompany
  • Teacher of banks and checking accounts
  • Opening of box (initial balance, previous balance, reimbursement)
  • Document entrance
  • Expenses to render
  • Closing of box
  • Positions cta. own or client
  • Reports daily Liquidation of box
  • Reports Liquidation by date rank
  • Reports Liquidation summarize
  • Report of mov. by type of cost
  • Report of mov. by client/supplier
  • All the reports can be exported format: Excel, Word, Acrobat
  • It includes manual of the user
  • Available for Base of Microsoft SQL*Server 2008/2012/2016
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Win 7.8,1, 10

Report of Box