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The present agreement of domain registry (“Agreement�) is between PRODUCTS DE PERU E.I.R.L. (“PRODUCTS DE PERU�) and the client (“the Client� or “You�) and his heirs, agents, successors and assignees, and becomes cash as of the date of the electronic request of purchase. The present Agreement establishes the terms and conditions of the use of domain, registry of names and represents the complete agreement between the Client and PRODUCTS DE PERU. When participating in this transaction, you recognize that you have read, understood, she accepts and it is forced by the terms and conditions of the present Agreement; along with the additional conditions new, different or terms, or policies.

In addition to the transactions realised by you or a representative, also it is committed to respect the terms in this Agreement by the transactions realised in his name by any person who acts as her agent, and the operations conducted by any person who uses the registered account of mail that she has established with PRODUCTS DE PERU, if the transactions became in their name.

You recognize that PRODUCTS DE PERU or their concedentes of licenses are a recorder forced by an agreement between PRODUCTS DE PERU or their concedentes of licenses and the ICANN. You accept that PRODUCTS DE PERU or their licenciante can modify this agreement in order to fulfill the applicable laws and the terms and conditions established by the ICANN and/or the administrator of the registry chosen by the ICANN, as well as the norms of registry or policies that can from time to time be published by PRODUCTS DE PERU or their licenciante.

1. Tariffs

Considering the services and products (the “Service�) acquired by you and that provides PRODUCTS to him DE PERU, it is committed to pay to PRODUCTS DE PERU in the banks established in our webpage. You understand that the ICANN requires that PRODUCTS DE PERU paque a minimum percentage of quota of inscription when you buy his registry of domain name. You commit yourself to pay to those rates and taxes settled down and by the Peruvian legislation. The payments are not reimbursable. PRODUCTS DE PERU the right is reserved to acquire a rate by reasonable services for the administrative tasks outside the reach of its regular services. These include, but they are not limited, the questions on watch to the client who cannot be realised through e-mail, but require a PS, and the controversies in case of requiring the legal services.

The renovations of domain names

You have the responsibility as Proprietor of the domain to realise the opportune renovation before the expiration date (in case, in fact, she wishes that the domain name is renewed). If you do not realise the payment and notifies to our account of [email protected] mail by the renovation before the date of victory, the domain name will be cancelled and you no longer will have the use of that name.

You accept that PRODUCTS DE PERU will not be responsible for the cancelled names of domain that you stop renewing, in the terms indicated in the present Agreement. Later payments to the date of victory of the domain do not grant any guarantee of which the domain can be renewed or possibility of recovering the contents of the same. In any case, if You stop renewing his name of domain in opportune form, they can apply additional positions.

If you cannot renew his name of domain in the terms indicated in the present Agreement, You accept that PRODUCTS DE PERU can, to his single discretion, to renew his name of expired domain. If PRODUCTS DE PERU decide to renew their name of expired domain, You will have a period of renovation grace during which you will be able to pay to PRODUCTS DE PERU it renovation and to reclaim his name of domain. The period of renovation grace is at the moment in seven (7) days, but they are subject to changes under the terms in this agreement.

2. Term in agreement

The duration in this Agreement will continue vigor and effect in the heat of while you maintain any name of domain registered through PRODUCTS DE PERU. You commit yourself not to transfer no name of domain registered through PRODUCTS DE PERU to another recorder of domain names during the first sixty (60) days as of your date of initial registry. Also, he accepts that PRODUCTS DE PERU him can acquire a adional quota if you cancel his domain within the five (5) days of grace after registering his domain with PRODUCTS DE PERU

You accept that PRODUCTS DE PERU can modify this Agreement from time to time. PRODUCTS DE PERU can also interrupt the services that render by virtue of the present Agreement. If you choose to cancel your agreement with PRODUCTS DE PERU, You will not receive a reimbursement of the tariffs that have been pleased to PRODUCTS DE PERU.

3. Of the administration of the domain, the up-to-date information, the use of the information and victory

You decide that PRODUCTS DE PERU realise by you the management of update of data, changes of Server Yam, renovations and others related to its domain to its request and during the effective time, through e-mail asked for to the [email protected] account or through form provided in our webpage for “Modifying a domainâ€?. You will be able at any time to transfer the administration of his domain of the effective period, per which an additional payment by this concept of transference is required.

You decide to notify to PRODUCTS DE PERU within the five (5) working days of any change of information in the data of the domain registry. It is his responsibility to maintain this information in a present state and needs. The breach by You, for the reason that is, to provide the precise and reliable information on an initial and continuous base, will be considered as a material breach in the present Agreement. The breach by you, for any reason, to respond within the five (5) workable days to any question formulated by PRODUCTS DE PERU to determine the validity of the information provided by you, also considers a serious breach in the present Agreement.

You accept that for each name of domain registered by you, the contact data are required: mailing dress, email address, phone number, and if he is available, a number of fax the holder of the registry and, if it does not agree with the holder of the registered name, or the information of contact for the same, a technical, administrative contact and a contact of a invoicing contact. Also you will have to verify in the WHOIS that the information of its domain is correct and to notify to [email protected] in case of requiring some correction in his published data; reason why PRODUCTS DE PERU do not assume nor accept any responsibility by the data of the registry of their domain and you accept to maintain free to PRODUCTS DE PERU of any responsibility by the adopted measures.

You recognize and accept that the registry of domain names demands that this information of contact, wholly or partly, is shared with the registry operator. According to the arranged thing by the ICANN, this information also he must become public by means of WHOIS, and that the registry operator can also be forced to make public this information of WHOIS. In addition, Usted you declare and you guarantee that, if you are providing information about a third party, you have notified to the third part the spreading and the purpose for the spreading and you count on the consent of the third party, to this communication.

You accept that for each name of domain registered by the following information she will be at the disposal of the public in the directory WHOIS of Internet according to the determined thing by the policy of the ICANN and can massively be sold as settles down in the agreement of the ICANN:

You accept that, the configuration of registry DNS Record requires to count on service of hosting.

You accept that, in the measurement allowed by the ICANN, PRODUCTS DE PERU E.I.R.L she will be able to make use of the information at the disposal of the public whom she facilitated during the registry process. If You participate in the resale of domain names commits yourself to provide any person whose personal information You have obtained data about the possible uses of his personal information in accordance with the policy of the ICANN. You also commit yourself to obtain the consent, and the test of consent, the people for such use of the personal information that they provide.

4. The policy of solution of controversies

You accept to be forced by our present policy of solution of controversies. This policy is gotten up here and comprised integral in the present Agreement. You commit yourself to review the website ed PRODUCTS DE PERU periodically to determine if changes have been realised in the agreements.

You accept that if arise a controversy as a result of (1) or more names of domain than have registered using PRODUCTS DE PERU, You you will have to compensate, to defend and to maintain undamaged to PRODUCTS DE PERU of the arranged thing in the present Agreement. You also accept that if PRODUCTS DE PERU are notified that the complaint has been made before a governmental organism, administrative or judicial, in relation to a name of domain registered by you using PRODUCTS DE PERU, that PRODUCTS DE PERU, to their single discretion, will be able to take any action that PRODUCTS DE PERU considers other relative modifications, allocation necessary and/or the control from the name of domain or other that is considered necessary to fulfill the actions or the exigencies of the governmental organism, administrative or judicial until the controversy is solved. In this case, You accept to maintain free to PRODUCTS DE PERU of any responsibility by the adopted measures.

5. The transference of the names of domain, the practices of participation

If You transfer any name of domain, she is committed to provide the information required to all the involved parts and to fulfill the procedures and conditions established in this agreement. With the purpose of to protect its domain still more, a domain registered in PRODUCTS DE PERU or transferred to PRODUCTS DE PERU will be placed in the state of blockade. The domain must be unblocked in order to initiate its transference of the name of domain outside the PRODUCTS DE PERU to a new supplier.

In the eventuality that the purchase of a domain name is to name of a third party, You commit yourself to inform to your client, who is acquisition a name of domain to traverse his using the services of PRODUCT registry DE PERU. Also he commits himself not to use the logo of the brand of PRODUCTS DE PERU in anyone of his materials of promotion, as his website.

The tranferencias of domain will only be able to be realised if the Client does not have associate debts pending with the domain to tranferir (additional space or services, hosting, development of webpages, certificates SSL, etc.).

6. Suspension of the services, the breach in an agreement

You accept that, in addition to other events anticipated in the present Agreement:

  1. Its capacity to use anyone of served by PRODUCTS DE PERU is subject to cancellation or suspension in case there is a problem without solving in this Agreement and/or later requires the suspension or cancellation of any policy at the moment in force or adopted by the ICANN;
  2. Its registry of any name of domain will be subject to suspension, cancellation or transference by virtue of a disposition or policies of the ICANN or in accordance with its procedure, to correct (a) the errors of PRODUCTS DE PERU or the operator of registry in the registry of some name of domain, or (b) by the consernientea resolution of controversies some name of domain.
  3. The domain could not be transferred mienstras exist pending payments on the part of the proprietor of the domain or exists some suspension or incapacitation of or pending payment of penalties.

You accept that their breach completely or part of the terms and conditions of the present Agreement and any disposition of PRODUCTS DE PERU or policies can be considered by PRODUCTS DE PERU as a material violation in the present Agreement and PRODUCTS DE PERU can provide warning to him of breach, or in writing or by via electronics (e-mail). In case You did not provide you prove materials of which you have not violated his obligations with PRODUCTS DE PERU within the eight (8) working days, PRODUCTS DE PERU will be able to terminate their contractual relation with you and you within the framework take the corrective measures to criterion from PRODUCTS DE PERU of the effective Peruvian laws. These corrective measures could be realised without previous warning and can include, but not limited, the cancellation of the registry of anyone of their names of domain and suppression of any service provided by PRODUCTS DE PERU and not procederá.ningún reimbursement of money to you because of a violation in this agreement.

In case PRODUCTS DE PERU notify it, by which it can constitute a violation, will not exempt it of or will excuse of the fact that you have committed a violation.

7. Restrictions

You commit yourself not to use the services provided by PRODUCTS DE PERU, or to allow or to allow that others, to use the services provided by PRODUCTS DE PERU for the aims of:

If you use hosting of his domain with DNS in the PRODUCT servants DE PERU, or uses our systems that connect a domain, URL, or otherwise to a system or website lodged in another place that points our servants, or if you have his name of domain registered with PRODUCTS DE PERU, You are responsible to guarantee that there is not an excessive overload of use of DNS of the systems. You cannot use the servants PRODUCTS DE PERU and their domain as a source or transmission medium of shipment or publication of computer viruses, worms or any means that violate the security of other systems. or he attacks other systems or services of Internet or Practices of Hacker or the perpetration of other infractions of security. You accept that PRODUCTS DE PERU the right is reserved to deactivate its name of domain of our servants of hosting, if PRODUCTS DE PERU considers that he is the one that originates the activities caused by its website and/or which they threaten the stability of our network.

PRODUCTS DE PERU can also cancel the registry of a domain name, after cindo (5) days, if the name is being used, according to the determined thing by PRODUCTS DE PERU to their single discretion, by shipment of mail morally objectionable Spam or activities. Morally objectionable activities are included, but they do not limit a:

8. Service of hosting

If You use the services of hosting that propig PRODUCTS DE PERU is subject to the agreements and terms related to serviciode hosting to see terms here

9. Specific dispositions for all the registries

You accept to be forced by the norms, policies and agreements of each Registry when she buys a domain registry, that can include, but are not limited, Top Level Domain, registries and registries of domain of second level.

10 Resolution of controversies

All dispute, reclamation or controversy around the validity, interpretation or execution of the reference terms, will be solved by PRODUCTS DE PERU and “the Client� in friendly form.

Unless those reclamations, disputes or controversies between the parts that arise or emanate of the present Contract of Services or their breach completion or validity, are solved in friendly form within (20) the later days to the reception by one of the parts of the request of the other to try a friendly resolution, this dispute, reclamation or controversy, derivatives or related to this legal transaction, will be solved by means of arbitration, in accordance with the By arbitration Regulations of the Center of Arbitration of the Chamber of Commerce of Lima, whose norms, administration and decision the parts in unconditional form are put under, declaring to know them and to accept them in their integrity.


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