Registry of domains


Annual price (nonInc. IGV)
Annual registry .COM S/.50.00
Annual registry .NET S/.62.00
Annual registry .ORG S/.55.00
Terms and conditions of the registry To see here
To buy
Note: Itself it acquires domain .COM, the price is s. 70 or U.S. $ 21,34 (nonInc. IGV), others to consult.
(*) valid Prices only for new domains, do not apply for renovations.
(*) Incuye configuration of Server Yams.
(*) the prices and characteristics can vary without previous warning.

Domains .PE

Annual price (Inc. IGV)
Annual registry .PE S/.140.00
To buy
(*) Price includes I.G.V.
(*) Downtime 24 to 48 hours.
Transference of domain Annual price (nonInc. IGV)
Cost by transference S/.50.00
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