The module of Profit+ invoicing is ideal for small or medians companies that require an efficient and agile system of emission of supporting of payment (invoices, tickets, notes of credit, etc.). We count on a version for direct invoicing in points of sale.

He is very simple to use, efficient and can be used from a business of direct attention to the public, as a store, pharmacy, ironworks as well as in an industrial business or of export since he is very versatile.


  • It is a system multicompany
  • Account with a teacher of clients.
  • Product sale/articles.
  • Sale by served.
  • Emission of remission guides
  • Price list/discounts
  • It realises taking of sale orders.
  • Carriers
  • Data of purchases and sales ready for the PDT
  • Emission of registry of sales
  • Emission of supporting of sale (invoices, tickets, notes of credit, notes of debit).
  • Cancellation of invoicing (payments)
  • Registry of payments in cash, Credit card, transferences, deposits
  • Registry of purchases and reports
  • Liquidations of sales
  • Report of sales by salesman
  • Report of sales by products
  • Interface Concar accounting, seats of sales and Annexes.
  • All the reports can be exported format: Excel, Word, Acrobat
  • It includes manual of the user
  • Available for Base of Microsoft SQL*Server 2008/2012/2016
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Win 7.8,1, 10

Reports invoicing