Microsoft Outlook configuration

This guide shows as to form an account of mail in Microsoft Outlook. This configuration is similar for the different versions from Microsoft Outlook:

How to form an account in Microsoft Outlook?

  1. In Microsoft Outlook, it selects “File?, and “To add account?:
  2. It marks “To manually form the options of the servant or types of additional servants? and soon it marks following:
  3. It leaves noticeable “E-mail of Internet? and marks following
  4. Next will be the screen to form the account (POP3), where it must fill by far well-taken care of the data to assure that the connection is correct:
  5. Information on the user
    Its name: It places his full name as you prefer.
    Email address: She writes the email address, example: [email protected], [email protected]
    Information of the servant
    Type of account: POP3 or IMAP chooses.
    IMAP leaves the post office in the servant, the user will be able to see them from any place with access Internet, but it occupies/requires more space of hosting. And all the battles conducted in the messages (to read, to move, to eliminate…) they are realised directly in the servant.
    MGP to unload all the messages of the servant of mail to the equipment of the usuary PC, notebook, mobile, etc. and all the battles conducted in the messages (to read, to move, to erase…) they will be realised in the equipment where the post office unloaded. By defect the messages of the servant are eliminated once unloaded (it is possible to be formed the days that wishes to conserve the post office) and, for this reason, the user will not be able to return to see the messages from any place that is not the equipment in which the messages have been unloaded.
    Servant of incoming mail:
    Servant of salient mail (SMTP):
    Information of beginning of session
    Name of user: It places the account of mail, example: [email protected] (the name of complete mail writes).
    Password: The secret key of its account of mail writes.
    To remember password: Leave it active
    To require beginning of session using Activation of contaseña: It leaves to dull east check, does not change it.


    Click “More configurations.?

  6. Click in the TAB “Servant of Exit?.
  7. My servant of exit marks check “requires authentication?
  8. He does not change the option “To use the same configuration that my servant of incoming mail?.
  9. Selecccione the TAB “Outposts? and changes to the “Servant of exit (SMTP)? port 26, 25 or 587.
    In based connection it uses of Autom preference., if it does not find this option chooses Any and finally TLS.
  10. Click TO ACCEPT.
  11. Click to accept
  12. In order to verify if the configuration is correct, the button beats [Probar configuracón of the account]
  13. Soon following and click To finalize.