Our system of Binkar Inventory, is ideal for small or medians companies that require a high rotation of inventories and control of multiple warehouses. Account with levels of article classification: classes and families. Their effective control of income and exits of raw material, consumptions, intermediate products, finished products guarantees an excellent administration of stocks.

Its versatility allows to support to the movements of income and exits of: production, purchases, sales, transferences. In addition utilzarlo totally integrated with our module can invoicing.



  • It is a system multicompany
  • It allows to handle warehouses in limitless form
  • Two levels of classification (class and family).
  • Control of existence (physical stock, balances).
  • Teacher of documents
  • Teacher of suppliers
  • He allows to register the different used document types.
  • He allows to form the transactions of entrance and exit.
  • Teacher of type of transactions
  • Registry of entrance and exit of warehouses
  • Verification and closes monthly of inventory
  • Consultation of balances (valorized stock and)
  • Consultation of Kardex (valorized stock and)
  • Movements by “Type of Transaction?
  • All the reports can be exported format: Excel, Word, Acrobat
  • It includes manual of the user
  • Available for Base of Microsoft SQL*Server 2008, 2012 or 2016
  • It requires operating system Windows 7, 8,1 or 10