It has a webpage but it doesn't receive visits?

Internet is marketing means that it demands that rules and norms necessary are followed to effectively make businesses through a good positioning known as CATHEDRAL (Optimization Search Engine).

By this we must consider action of Marketing in Internet of form planned and oriented to the objectives of the organization, that begin with the “Discharge? of their website in Google and other finders of Internet, social networks and soon manage the best position of his Web in the finders to generate traffic (visits) to his page.


It includes the following thing:

  • High in the main finders.
  • Analysis of its Web, optimization and verification of its source code.
  • Verificaciíon of good you practice in his contents Web.
  • Publicity in the Network Hosting Power Peru and social networks.
  • Consultant's office and consultancy in Marketing by Internet.

Design of webpages