The module of Production for SMEs allows to an efficient planning and control of the operations, to take advantage of to the maximum the productive capacity an industrial plant.

The planning and control of the production (PCP) must be a permanent task, mainly in the fulfillment of the pprogramadas tasks; by this our module of production it has been designed to carry out the tasks of PCP and emission of information of productivity for the management.


  • It is a system multicompany
  • Teacher of areas/plant sections.
  • Teacher of plant workers.
  • Emission of you order of production (OPs).
  • Registry of dates of delivery, office.
  • Seguimeinto of advance according to states of the OP.
  • Daily programming of tasks (OTs).
  • Reprogramming of tasks.
  • Programming in: It plants, It builds or Third parties.
  • Interface with the commercial module (optional).
  • Report of hours/man.
  • Report of hours by client.
  • Report of states of OPs advance.
  • Graphic Foot programming (by area, client).
  • All the reports can be exported format: Excel, Word, Acrobat
  • It includes manual of the user
  • Available for Base of Microsoft SQL*Server 2008/2012/2016
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Win 7.8,1, 10