Enterprise Software

  Description of the product It connects (*)
WEB VIRTUAL LIBRARY: It keeps his documents (pdf, Word, Excel, PPT) in his website and easily locates them by different criteria and levels from classification. It includes administrator of documents and users. To see
PROFIT+ INVOICING: The module of Profit+ invoicing is ideal for the SMEs that require an efficient and agile system of emission of supporting of payment (invoices, tickets, notes of credit, etc.). To see
BINKAR INVENTORY: Our module of Binkar Inventory, is ideal for small or medians companies that require a high rotation of inventories and control of multiple warehouses. To see
PROFIT+ ACCOUNTS TO PAY: The module of Accounts To pay - Profit+ allows to a control of the obligations of the company as far as the payment of proveerdores and third parties. To see
PROFIT+ BOX BANKS: The module of Box - Profit+ is ideal for a registry and control of the box movements - small box. Easy very useful report and data entry of liquidation for the surrender of box movements. To see
PROFIT+ PRODUCTION: The module of Production for SMEs allows to an efficient planning and control of the operations, that will allow to take advantage of to the maximum the productive capacity an industrial plant. To see
LAWYERS: The module of Legal Process control is ideal so that a study of lawyers can take a control of cases, with historical information of the processes. To see
INMOBISIST IMOBILIARIAS: he is ideal for Construction and Real estate companies that require an efficient and agile system of registry and control of the real estate units available and pursuit of sales To see