The agreements of the terms of reference of the service Contract of Services, are celebrated between “Products of Peru E.I.R.L.? (Products of Peru or the Company) and the client (“the Client?). “The Client? when acceding to the service of Hosting, declares to have read completely all the clauses of the present contract and she is commited to accept each of them.

Contents and Use

Products of Peru E.I.R.L serve of lodging Web (Hosting) to “the Client? assigning a space to him of disc, applications and bookstores previously installed, according to the plan of chosen Hosting and with the characteristics published in our Web; in the servants who the company arranges. “The Client? will be able to use the space assigned to his account of hosting, with commercial aims or to his free disposition and according to she considers it advisable, as long as she fulfills the effective norms and laws, being the only person in charge of the use that she gives to his account and to the contents that she publishes.  Therefore Products of Peru E.I.R.L do not become, in any case, person in charge by the use that “the Client? can give his account. In addition Products to Peru E.I.R.L will not be under any responsible circumstance by any direct or indirect or incidental damage in relation to the loss of information, economic loss, lost or damages of any kind by bad practices of the use of Internet either other produced damages, nor will be subject of any legal obligation in relation to the use of our service.

It is strictly prohibited practical morally objectionable and/or the following activities, but they do not limit a:

  • Material that break the local and international laws, as well as the norms and referred laws to rights of author and intellectual property.
  • Material and contents of products and software without license (pirate software), products hackers and crackers.
  • Obscene content related to infantile abuse or directly pornography where they become jumbled to juniors
  • Any transmission medium, shipment, publication of computer viruses, worms or any means that violate the security of other systems.
  • Publications with the intention of defaming, attacking or to damage the image of natural or legal people including outside the Peruvian territory.
  • Any element that supposes fraud, computer science swindles (PHISHING) or economic loss towards natural or legal people including outside the Peruvian territory.
  • Use of programs, script or computer science code, that of good or bad faith consume an excess of resources of the system or servants or memory of the same, as well as the use of IRC.
  • Activities destined to supplant the identity of a third party.
  • If the client attacks, lack to the respect to the Product personnel of Peru E.I.R.L denigrates anyway or.

The violation on the part of “the Client? or personnel to its position of anyone of the prohibitions above-mentioned, will be reason for resolution on the part of Products of Peru E.I.R.L in the agreement, benefit of services and immediate cancellation of the account, without previous warning. If the content of the website is child pornography (pedophilia), it will be notified to the corresponding authorities, which will take the measures necessary and established by the effective Peruvian Legislation.

Stability of the System

Products of Peru E.I.R.L will guard to maintain all the systems in good conditions in order in line for guaranteeing the possible maximum of the stability in the putting of the contents of “the Client?. Our service offers 99,9% of security of operations, thanks to the systems of endorsement and to the connection with our Data Center and the networks of different international suppliers. However, the possibility that fits the system can suffer you cut or faults by unforeseen expenses, maintenance, update of hardware or software, or causes of greater force and/or contingencies derived from the use of Internet either other own circumstances of the use of equipment of calculation and computer science software, thus Products of Peru E.I.R.L are not made person in charge by any cost or damage of any nature or other damages produced, that arises directly or indirectly from the fault or cuts on watch, by updates of the Operating system or updates of the software provided to the Client and who by the often unexpected nature, they do not force to give any previous warning athe Client. Of being necessary to correct the service by he cuts superior to 14 days continuous or for other technical reasons, it will be possible, to election of Products of Peru E.I.R.L to transfer the accounts to other servants of our company or third parties.  Products of Peru E.I.R.L additionally can realise changes of servants for reasons of technological improvements of equipment of calculation and/or programs (“software?), or for reasons of improving the security of the system or faults in the equipment.

Backup copies (Backup)

As precaution before any unforeseen circumstance, “the Client? must realise his own backup copies (backup) of his contents and data, according to considers it advisable. Additionally a tool will be provided, in the Control Panel, to conduct the operations of backup. Reason why Products of Peru E.I.R.L person in charge in any case by the total losses or partial of content or data of “the Client? in the account does not become hosting.

DNS of domain

The propagation of DNS and IPs of domains nonregistered in Products of Peru E.I.R.L., will be only responsibility of its ISP (Supplier of Services Internet) or its supplier of domains. Products of Peru E.I.R.L person in charge by delays or faults in the propagation will not become of DNS or IPs of his domain. If it happens some problem, the client will be able to verify that its service is only working and is problem of the domain and not of the service of hosting or servant.

Duration of the service  

The use in this agreement begins in the date that the service of hosting is put at the disposal of the Client and position in line in Internet until the term contracted according to the order of purchase and payment by this concept. It will be sent to the client, along with the keys of access to hosting, the period of beginning of the service and date of I finish (lapsing) of the same. The Client has the responsibility, as Proprietor of hosting, to realise the opportune renovation before the expiration date if in fact she wishes to renew the service. After finalized the term the account by a period of 7 days will be suspended, during which the service will be able to be reconnected realising the corresponding payment. Spent the 7 days of the victory hosting will be eliminated the account and all their content. In case, in fact, hosting wishes to reactivate his is due to pay a surcharge of S/.90.00 by reconexión, without this means a guarantee of being able to recover its contents. Products of Peru person in charge - in no case - by the loss of contents or e-mail of the Client does not become during the time in which the account this suspending or if this were eliminated (to see clause Backup copy (backup).

In order to realise the renovation of hosting the Client must have cancelled the debts pending associated to the lodged domain (additional space or services, development of webpages, certificates SSL, etc.).

Technical support  

Products of Peru E.I.R.L will offer a service of support to all clients to only take care of their doubts about the service, valid for products contracted directly with our company (hosting and domain); the same that can be required via e-mail or by form Web in the schedule of attention published in our webpage. The support that offers our clients, is only and exclusively to solve problems, consultations or doubts related to the use of the software of administration of hosting (Control Panel) provided by Products of Peru E.I.R.L.; thus we will not welcome questions on programming of webpages, source code, scripts or external problems, configuration of Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, shareware (Open Source), software of connection FTP, configuration of movable equipment/celurares Blackberry or iPhone or other similars, problems in the PC's of the client or another nature, unless it is contracted in additional form.

Also it is responsibility of the Client, in the use of the service of hosting, to count on certain technical level in languages of Internet and software. This level of technical knowledge varies following the use that is wanted to give to him the service. For example: (i) Publication Web: It requires knowledge of HTML, use of FTP, creation of images, text, etc., (II) Scripture de Scripts: it requires a knowledge of PHP, Java Script (III) E-mail: Knowledge of service POP3, to send mail, use of mail accounts, configuration of accounts of mail in programs type Outlook Express or Microsoft Outllook, etc. and (IV) To update source code by improvements of the operating system and security of the systems, requires knowledge of programming in PHP, HTML, YOU MySQL and knowledge of norms in the codification of webpages. The Client is in agreement with which he has the technical knowledge or counts on technical personnel enabled to use the service of hosting of Products of Peru E.I.R.L. The client agrees in which it is not Product responsibility of Peru E.I.R.L providing these technical knowledge or to offer support out of service defined in this document.

Commercial conditions 

“The Client? will pay by the annual service of his election the integral one of the published in our webpage or settled down effective amount in a quote, the checking account or of savings of Products of Peru E.I.R.L and within (10) the later useful days to the shipment of the purchase form. “The Client? commits himself to provide his data: Name, direction, telephone and others in the purchase form, declaring that all of them correspond to their true data and to give warning of any change of the same. Once verified the deposit in the bank accounts provided by Products of Peru E.I.R.L it will be come to the activation of the asked for service and within the established terms.

Products of Peru E.I.R.L guarantee the return of the amount paid by “the Client?, within the 48 hours of their request on watch, if of some reason he were not in favor in agreement with served, in a lapse of 7 days useful of asked for the return. After the 48 hours of its request on watch, the return will not come or reimbursement, unless the service is permanently suspended or it is finished, before the end of the term of the annual services and in such case, the return, will be in proportion to the period (monthly) not used. In case of incapacitation of the account by some of the prohibitions indicated in “Contents and uses?, the return will not come from the paid amount.
The clients who ask for and the free valid service of test by a single time, are put under the conditions settled down in the present contract and by a maximum period of (7) days. Until the victory of the period of test, the client will be able freely to choose if she wishes to continue with the service, will thus have to pay the amount corresponding to the chosen plan. On the contrary the account will be suspended, without exceptions, in the established date of victory.

Use of resources of the servant

The resources of the servant are defined as the use of the processor and/or bandwidth, thus Products of Peru will realise permanently a monitoring to detect the accounts that are monopolizing the resources available or generating on load (Overload). No Hosting account will be able to exceed the use on 15% ram memory the servant for itself, nor a 20% of the use of the CPU. If some Hosting account exceeds these limits, an account “That produces on load (Overload)? in the servant and will be suspended and communicated “to the Client?, for a quick solution will be considered as. The reiteration of this notified lack and until by 3 times, will be reason for immediate cancellation of the account, without previous warning and the return will not come from the money established in the commercial conditions.
Also it is prohibited the use in the Hosting account, to store archives that use an excess of bandwidth. This includes archives MP3 or any sound track, software or any other type of archives. Streaming of Radio or Video is not allowed in the contracted accounts hosting under the terms of the present contract.

Mail Gratuitous

Products of Peru E.I.R.L do not take responsibility by the reception of post office sent towards accounts of gratuitous mail as: Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and other similars due the policies of mail restrictions, that these services maintain.

Mail Spam

The shipment of Spam by means of the e-mail, social blogs, forums or networks, through the servants provided for the lodging Web (Hosting), final is prohibited. Also the shipment of massive mail with any aim, that it fails to fulfill with the clause of “Use of resources of the servant? is prohibited inclusively mail of answer to Spam or reclamation of affected by shipment of mail Spam. The breach of this clause will be reason for immediate cancellation of the account, without previous warning and the return will not come from the money established in the commercial conditions, notwithstanding the application of the effective dispositions in commercial matter on publicity and protection to the consumer. “The Client? decides to pay by total damages to Products of Peru E.I.R.L the sum of ($1) by each mail Spam or email asked for not transmitted or connected through the account hosting provided.

Many of our servants have a limit of 60 accesses POP3/IMAP per hour and by direction IP, yes you exceed this limit probably will see a message of user error/password. Yes this happens, will have to wait for an approximated time of 1 hour to accede again to these services. In order to come up that this happens, it modifies the configuration of his Outlook/Tools/Options/Configuration of mail/To send and To receive/To program a shipment or automatic reception each: 30 minutes.


Products of Peru E.I.R.L the right is reserved to make modifications, adjustments to the services or update of software for reasons of technical order and security, the same ones that will be published in our by email electronic webpage or notified.

Resolution of controversies

All dispute, reclamation or controversy around the validity, interpretation or execution of the reference terms, will be solved by Products of Peru E.I.R.L and “the Client? in friendly form. Unless those reclamations, disputes or controversies between the parts that arise or emanate of the present Contract of Services or their breach completion or validity, are solved in friendly form within (30) the later days to the reception by one of the parts of the request of the other to try a friendly resolution, this dispute, reclamation or controversy will be sent by anyone of the parts to solved arbitration of conformity and by means of definitive and unquestionable award, in agreement with the regulations of the Center of Conciliation and National Arbitration and the International of the Chamber of Commerce of Lima, whose norms, administration and decision are put under the parts in unconditional form, declaring to know them and to accept them in its integrity.

Products of Peru E.I.R.L.
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